Monthly Archives: March 2012

Book Sale


I have been sorting and organizing books for the past three days.  And I LOVE it!  I love being surrounded by books.

My son is in Cub Scouts, and my husband and I are the Den leaders.

I asked if we could hold a book sale for a fundraiser.  Well we have had quite a response!  The sale is this Saturday.  We are almost done categorizing the books!

I am disappointed I will not be there the actual day of the sale.  We are taking our daughter to Admitted Student Day at Quinnipiac University.  She has been pre-accepted into their Physician Assistant graduate program.  

I will take photos of the book sale on Friday.


New to blogging


I probably won’t be actively posting here too much.

I mainly did this so I can follow other blogs I like, and be able to comment, etc.

Maybe one day I will actively post.

28 More Days!!


World Book Night USA!! Cannot wait!

I was so fortunate to be chosen as a book giver on April 23rd, for World Book Night.

I will be sharing one of my favorite books, A Prayer For Owen Meany, by John Irving.

My oldest daughter is also a giver!  She will be giving The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini.

So happy to be part of something so special, fun and exciting with her before she leaves for her first year of college later this summer.