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What an incredible experience! Meeting Avi!!


We were beyond thrilled to meet Avi tonight!




I don’t even know where or how to start!   5 of 5 stars

First, the author…what a clever, incredibley heartwarming story!  Just when I think I won’t find another out of ordinary story…here it is!  The protagonist….an imaginary friend?  How is that going to work?  Well it did.
Budo was smart, clever, caring, devoted to Max (and Max’s parents), but also naive, child-like, and innocent at the same time.
I absolutely adored Budo, Max’s imaginary friend.

“The right thing and the easy thing are never same thing..”  Loyalty, love, sacrifice.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of this novel!!   I normally do not like to read books on my laptop (I do not own a Kindle, Nook or other portable e-reader).  This is the first e-book that I have read, that I have wished I owned one.  I hated that I had to wait until I was at home, and not vying for the computer with my family.

How can the author make an imaginary friend so real, so likeable, and so believable?  lol   crazy!
Budo wanting to save Max’s parents as well as saving Max.
The frustration and tension between his parents was sad.  It was all just very well written.  All aspects of this story.  Quite a page turner!

I had so many favorite pieces in the story, I will add more later.
I think if you enjoyed ROOM, you will love this book!

I was fortunate enough to meet the author last night at a book signing at RJ Julia Booksellers!  He is very funny and witty and I really had a great time!

Detailed info and spoilers below:

So many times, Budo’s innocence made me laugh.  I adored him.

**Like when Dee was in ICU.  He thought she was in I SEE YOU..which he thought was “a place where they watch you carefully to make sure that you don’t die.”   Which is true, but he didn’t know that.

**Bizarre to think that I felt heartbroken for Budo…being that he is an imaginary friend and all…but I did.  Especially when he made this comparison:

“I used to think that these were the three worst things in the word:
1. Tommy Swinden
2. Bonus Poops
3. Not Existing
Now I think these are the three worst things in the world:
1. Waiting
2. Not knowing
3. Not existing”

**The whole page about Max being brave, just melted my heart. (263 – ebook) Will find it in the hardcover edition and update the page #.

A Must Read…..The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen



Darker than her previous novels, Susin peoples this novel about the ultimate cost of bullying with a cast of fabulous characters, dark humour, and a lovable, difficult protagonist struggling to come to terms with the horrible crime his brother has committed.

I honestly have not stopped thinking about this book, and how I wanted to put into words how much I loved it.

Honestly, in my own ignorance, I have never really thought much about the families of the shooter, when I hear of these things on the news.  I have felt for the shooter in some cases, but never really thought about their families.  Always the victims’ families.  But they are victims also, aren’t they?

I just loved the writing, the characters, the story….all of it.

Henry K. Larsen…..what a brave, strong character.  Love him!

I am sure I will add more, I just can’t figure out how to put it all into words.

This is a must read for  young adult/middle grade

I give it 5 of 5 stars!