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A Must Read!! IF YOU FIND ME by Emily Murdoch


A Must Read!!  IF YOU FIND ME by Emily Murdoch

5 of 5 Stars!
Holy Cow! Put this one on your to-read list!

You know it’s good when you read it in a day!
First…I have to say…this is not for young-Young Adults. Definetely high school or older, because of some disturbing content.
(Not graphic, unfortunately a heartbreaking reality)

I could not put this down. The author did an excellent job of keeping me turning the pages! And her writing…I felt like I was watching a movie in my head, not reading a book.
My heart broke for the two sisters, Carey and Janessa!

So sad when Carey and Janessa compared themselves to the baby birds,” who’s mama pulls away the straws one by one, until the babies are left balancing on the branches.” Janessa told Carey the baby birds were brave, just like them, because there mama wasn’t there.

It was so hard to watch Carey have to learn how to have her new life and realize it wasn’t a dream. “The peopled world is so fast, so loud and busy. Always things to do, with none seeming all that important.”

Her stepmom: “Your dad couldn’t understand how you girls could ever be homesick, especially after the way you were living. But I could. We make attachments to what’s familiar. We find the beauty, even in the lack. That’s human. We make the best of what we’re given.”





I was hooked from the start! I kept thinking to myself what a great movie this would be, and was happy to hear that it is already in the works!
I have to say, I honestly cannot remember the last time a novel had me crying. Yes, real tears here…I got so emotional over this book! I am still reeling!

I was routing for Louisa all along, hoping and praying her plan would work….but at the same time, I felt for Will too, and how he was feeling…
“If you’re here, you accept it’s my choice. This is the first thing I’ve been in control of since the accident.”
So heartbreakingly true!

I literally could not pick up another book for a couple of days. I just wanted to hide and soak it all in.

I will be buying this one for my shelf to read again!